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Hey There, I’m Cassandra Hill. I grew up in a beautiful country New England town of NSW. After finishing my schooling early to follow my entrepreneurial spirit, I worked in Hair, Beauty, Health & Fitness for over ten years, living in Sydney and Brisbane. In 2010 I had a massive career change and co foundered a modelling agency specialising in promotions and events. This was when my love for marketing and business was born. Combining business, marketing, social media and branding with a thirst for growth and unforgettable experiences, I have created a collaboration with like-minded go getters for businesses and personal brands to be inspired through their own entrepreneurial journey.


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Being broke is part of the journey. Staying broke is a fucking choice
— Unknown

I Quit Shopping

For like-minded ambitious women who love to shop

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Do you ever suspect that everyone else has their shit together and you’re the only broke bitch you know?

Cassandra Hill has something to share with you: Girl you’re not alone. The self confessed shopaholic hit financial rock-bottom at 31 years of age after her careless and irresponsible spending habits spiralled out of control.

With brutal honestly and sassy humour, Cassandra shares the confronting truth about her serious shopping addiction and reveals the ground-breaking strategies that helped her take control of her life and build her savings in 12 months.

I Quit Shopping is the “IT” guide inspiring broke bitches to take back the power and own their life.

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Sick of being broke? Girl, I’v got your back

· Change your spending habits

· Take control of your life

· Finally see savings in your account

· Learn how to manage your money

· Set goals and actually achieve them

· Enjoy experiences and controlled shopping

· Learn more about yourself and appreciate life


Special Bonuses

· Get real and set goals with the I Quit Shopping Goals Template

· Stay ahead of the game with the I Quit Shopping Budgeting Template

· The I Quit Shopping Rules, Rewards & Boundaries

· Stay Strong with the I Quit Shopping Survival Guide

· I Quit Shopping Tips & Tricks


Save like a boss

Money means comfortability, so you should stop wasting yours and start taking action now. The I Quit Shopping guide will help you take control of your life quickly so you can start living the life you have been dreaming of

Pre-launch Sale

Savvy financial goals and lifestyle success made simple. Get access to modern and proven hacks and tips to help you build savings so you can start planning all the adventures you’ve been dreaming about.


Do you want to grow your personal brand? Lets work together and tell your story through an irresistible brand that cultivates who you are and what you do.


What does it take to create an irresistible personal brand?

If you’re keen to climb the career ladder and turn heads, the first thing we will do is establish a specific image and impression of you to impress positive emotions on others. A strong personal brand will increase your credibility, overall popularity, reputation and raving customer referrals. It’s pretty much good gossip behind your back.

Think of yourself and your personal brand like a self packaged bundle consisting of your passion, your image, strengths, your mission, talents, background and your youness. So are you ready to package yourself as your personal brand and share it with the world?


The rise of personal brands

Customers are loyal to reputable brands such as Adidas, Lorna Jane, Apple, Qantas and Nike.

Brands that offer consistency in service delivery and high quality products will always stand out above their competitors. Customers will always choose consistent customer experiences when deciding on purchases and services.

There is no exception for personal brands. Personal Brands that position themselves with an image and earn an authentic reputation will attract clients and maintain a high level of retention.


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